Systematic Investigation of Phytochemicals
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            The Ayurveda medicinal system in India is the most ancient and efficiently used system for curing and maintaining health. The three doshas namely “Vata”, “Pitta”, & “Kapha” which are also known as “TriDoshas” are the principle forms that form the foundation of Ayurved. The Ayurveda is known for its effective ancient herbal formulations that tremendously help in the health improvement. This database currently reports comprehensive analysis of 522 herbal formulations with 4302 ingredients (581 unique). Among these ingredients, 413 are medicinal plants. For ease of understanding, the names of formulations, ingredients and ailments have been documented both in English and Sanskrit. The phytochemical analysis of the medicinal plants along with their ADMET properties and classification has been carried out for 4260 phytochemicals. The valuable information on these herbal formulations will not only disseminate the knowledge on herbal formulations but also contribute to advancements in research and cultural preservation benefitting both professionals and the general public. This database is aimed towards identifying new applications for the introduction of organic medications with fewer adverse effects.

How does it work?

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    The keyword should be related to the formulation name, ailments, phytochemicals, InchiKey and Smiles is involved in the herbal formulations. Then, It takes your keyword and send it to processing it.

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    Process entered keyword based on the category of the search, means if the entered keyword from the formulation name, then processes it and get the result of the formulation details. Otherwise, processes the keyword and get the result of formulation details of the keyword is involved.

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    Once the results retrieved. It will show the detailed results of the herbal formulations such as Ingredients involved, ailments treated, phytochemical properties, bio activity and toxicity factor and MPDS-CL Classifications and their references.