"My goal is to work towards converting knowledge in the areas of computational modelling and artificial intelligence from basic to translational research, by working closely with the society and industry.

Ultimately, revitalizing the strength of science and technology is essential in achieving the self-reliant and strong India. In the era of Industry 4.0 and 5.0, combining our traditional wisdom with modern science appear to be indispensable in the sectors such as Education, Health, Agriculture, Industrial and Societal development at large."

About GNS

        Prof. G. Narahari Sastry is working in the interdisciplinary areas spanning chemistry, biology, modelling and informatics. Dr. Sastry has been effective in employing computational and theoretical methods to solve problems in chemistry, biology and allied areas. His extensive studies on several non-covalent interactions help to delineate the factors that are crucial for the modulation of non-bonded interactions and demonstrated their importance in chemistry and biology. In addition, Prof. Sastry has made fundamental contributions in the areas:

  • Software and Database Development
  • Cooperativity of Non-covalent Interactions
  • Computer-aided Drug Design

        Dr. Sastry‚Äôs group is also interested to apply advance data science algorithms and modules to solve problems in chemistry, biology, material science and allied areas. He has successfully guided 26 Ph.D students, 20 post-doctoral fellows, and over 200 people for short term dissertations. He has given over 500 lectures which include international and national seminars, workshops and symposia. These efforts are embedded not only to provide a robust platform for carrying out research in CADD but also to inculcate the culture of developing software packages.

Main Roles in Research

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GNS has made publications in diverse areas like Theoritical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology, Non-covalent Interactions, Chemoinformatics, AI and Machine Learning

Citations 11299
h-Index 53
i10-index 223


Apart from leading CSIR-NEIST as Director, GNS also heads the Advanced Computation and Data Sciences Division with a team of Scientists.

Selvaraman Nagamani


Software development, Machine learning, Network pharmacology

Hridoy Jyoti Mahanta


Arificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software development, Database development

S Vaikundamani

Technical Assistant

IT Administration

Overall Accomplishment of GNS

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  • Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize 2011 in chemical sciences (considered as the highest national recognition in science)
  • JC Bose National Fellowship, 2015
  • National Bioscience Award of DBT, 2009
  • Swarnajayanthi Fellow of DST, 2005

Major Leadership

After taking overCSIR-NEIST as Director

  • Under the mentorship, Assam has got its first SSB prize: Dr. Binoy K. Saikia, got the highest Indian science Prize in the year 2021, and this is the first time a scientist working in Assam got this recognition. Further several people have got awards, recognitions as well as editorial board memberships, the notable achievements include the fellowships to the scientists in NASI (FNASc), Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), CRSI medals, and many more.

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